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TITLE: Catch the Last Weekend of the Last Week
PAIRING: YooSu / slight OT5
GENRE: I’m not really sure. Itty-bitty angst, maybe? XD;
Summary: Saying goodbye is never easy.
A/N: this just sprang up when i read this. the possibility of Chunnie moving out of the Dong Bang house makes me ;o; but he'll be with his family so ^^. also thanks to jaemint's dbsk pairing/prompt generator. i got junsu x yoochun / postcards; first time writing in 2nd person POV so forgive me for mistakes; title from Stolen by Dashboard Confessional (i love that song XD); for onew and yumeyana. <3

As you pry yourself away from the Soulfighters, who are still clinging on you stubbornly while hitting each other at the same time for taking up their respective Yoochun Hugging Space, you catch his eye.Collapse )
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26 March 2008 @ 05:29 am
TITLE: Paper Cranes Can Fly
PAIRING: JaeMin with ninja!YooSu if you squint.
GENRE: Romance
Summary: Changmin has a thing for making paper cranes. (really lame summary, i know. XD;)
A/N: Written for yumeyana. She requested some JaeMin lovin’ to ease her headache and gave me the prompt 'yellow paper'. But I think this one will only cause you more pain, I’m sorry. OTZ. Thanks to onew for the title and for beta-ing the first part for me. *cuddles* So if you see any mistakes on the second half, feel free to poke me. Hope y’all like this. *huggles* ♥

His chubby little fingers folded the tiny and slightly sticky paper sloppily, his brow furrowed in concentration, not giving the slightest hint of hesitation in his movements despite not knowing how to do it properly.Collapse )
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23 March 2008 @ 11:23 pm
TITLE: Purple Line
GENRE: ...I don't really know. XD;
Summary: Jaejoong doesn't realize that he's searching and Junsu doesn't realize he's been found.
A/N: for onew who is t3h awesome. *glompz* thank you again, bb, for helping me out with er.. stuff and for the title too! i feel like this is the most wtf think i've ever written. @.@; she gave me singing!JaeSu and chains as prompts. :D

Jaejoong starts it slow and Junsu follows, the two of them unaware of the way they complement each other, their voices creating a soft chain of melody.Collapse )
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12 February 2008 @ 10:35 pm
TITLE: Altitude
GENRE: …Fluff? XD;
Summary: Jaejoong doesn't really mind heights.
A/N: For onew who gave me the prompt "Ride"~ Hope this cheers you up. *huggles*

Jaejoong thrives on the uncertainty he sometimes get when he slightly slips and almost falls.Collapse )
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18 December 2007 @ 10:35 pm
TITLE: Things I'll Never Say
GENRE: Slight angst
Summary: All this time, Jaejoong yearns for more from his best friend.
A/N: I made this months ago when onew and yumeyana texted me about them being bored at a bar. We were all in JaeChun mode that time so we made very short drabble thingies and sent them to each other. This was one of the things that I wrote but I edited it and made a little longer. :D So yeah, this is for them. <333

After a few secretive whispers here and there, they snuck out of their dorm and fled off into the dark night looking for the inviting flash of neon signs.Collapse )
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